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Research themes:

Myeloma and normal lymphoid biology

Description of research

Multiple Myeloma is a haematological cancer characterized by the expansion of a clonal population of malignant plasma cells that results in organ damage. The pathophysiology is complex and commonly results in pancytopenia, painful bone disease, and renal failure. Although recent improvements have been made in the treatment with the introduction of immunomodulatory drugs and proteasome inhibitors, the disease is still considered incurable and has a median survival of around 4-5 years.

Our long-term aim is to understand the interplay between the myriad pathways involved in the pathogenesis of Multiple Myeloma so that these can be targeted for therapeutic benefit. The initial focus of our research is the role of aberrant RNA processing in Multiple Myeloma biology, based on findings from an initial sequencing of the Multiple Myeloma genome (Chapman et al. Nature 471:467-72). Indeed, emerging data imply that dysregulation of RNA processing is an important mechanism in cancer pathogenesis in general and may represent an “Achilles’ Heel” that can be targeted therapeutically. We are investigating not only the molecular mechanisms involved, but also the affected RNA targets, as these will identify nodes of intersection with known pathways as well as novel pathways in Myeloma biology.

This global understanding of RNA targets and its integration into our understanding of the key pathways will provide a strong platform for an expansion of our interests into other areas with significant translational impact. These will include: a molecular classification of the disease, based on mutational data; therapeutic choice based on the underlying genetics of the disease (personalized medicine); and screening and development of small molecules to target the vulnerable nodes in the key pathways of the disease.

Drawing on a wide experience in both molecular biology and bioinformatics, as well as extensive local expertise, we are applying a multidisciplinary approach, involving a number of cutting edge techniques. These will include molecular, cellular, genetic, structural, and genomic approaches and our work benefits from established local and international collaborations.

We are always keen to hear from good people. Please email me (mac54@cam.ac.uk) with a copy of your CV including the details of two referees.

Research focus

Keywords: RNA binding Post-transcriptional processing Lymphoid biology

Clinical conditions: Multiple Myeloma

Methodologies: RNA immunoprecipitation techniques Genetic approaches Human Myeloma Cell Lines Structural/functional protein studies RNA sequencing

H-Index: 9

Cambridge collaborators

Prof. Alan Warren, Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Dr. Peter Campbell, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Dr. Brian Huntly, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research

Dr. Jernej Ule, Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Other collaborators

Prof. Charlie Boone, University of Toronto

Key Publications

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