The University of Cambridge Department of Haematology is located on the Cambridge University Hospitals campus with laboratories in the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology and NHS National Blood and Transplant, which contains Transfusion Medicine and the Diagnostics Development Unit.  The Head of Department is Professor Tony Green.

The department has four main goals:

  • To conduct internationally competitive biomedical research.
  • To provide education in medical aspects of haematology to undergraduate scientists and medical students
  • To provide postgraduate education, largely through the provision of PhD students.
  • To contribute to the clinical activities of the Addenbrooke's Department of Haematology.

Haematopoiesis and Leukaemia

The focus of Haematopoiesis and Leukaemia group is the transcriptional regulation of blood stem cells, and the mechanisms whereby cells are subverted to form leukaemias.

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Transfusion Medicine

The focus of Transfusion Medicine research is in blood borne viruses, diagnostics and transfusion in resource poor areas, biology and genomics of megakaryocytes and platelets.

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Structural Medicine and Thrombosis

Structural biology gives an unparalleled insight into the molecular details of biological mechanisms, an insight that has the potential to lead to rationally-designed therapies.

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Diagnostic Development Unit

The goal of the Diagnostic Development Unit is to develop innovative tests that are rapid, simple, cost-effective and more sensitive than currently available rapid tests.

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PT1 Trial

PT1 is the largest ever study involving patients with the myeloproliferative disorder essential or primary thrombocythaemia (ET or PT).

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Cambridge Blood and Stem Cell BioBank

The Cambridge Blood and Stem Cell Biobank is a tissue bank for samples from patients with haematological malignancies and normal individuals.

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